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Based on 41 concert reviews, the critic consensus is that Kaleo is rated as a mediocre live performer, with shows that lack substantial critical acclaim. Kaleo concert reviews describe live shows and performances as powerful, polished, unforgettable, and energetic.


Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, United States (June 11); City Park, Kelowna, Canada (August 30);

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I Want More (Live at Skalholt) - Single (April 29, 2022)

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Mosfellsbar, Iceland (2012 - present) (2012 – present)
Kaleo is an Icelandic indie pop / rock / folk band established in 2012 and their first major public appearance Iceland Airwaves Music Festival in November 2012. Their fame came through "Vor i vaglaskogi" as it was included on heavy rotation on Icelandic state broadcaster RuV's radio station Ras 2 featuring on top of the stations Top 10.
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Bishop Briggs

Critic Concert Reviews

Gaffa (Denmark)

June 4, 2023
Kaleo Live In Concert at NorthSide Festival 2023

The 13th Floor (New Zealand)

April 12, 2023
KALEO are a powerhouse blues rock band from Iceland, and with their debut concert in New Zealand, they ripped this joint. Drive myself right over the wall, gonna save your soul!

Backseat Mafia

June 20, 2022
Belle Mt took to the stage at 8pm announcing that they had heard that the Irish love music so lets play some, they couldn’t thank Kaleo enough for having them on stage and after the fourth song asking the crowd had anyone every wondered what it is like to be on this stage and answering the question with its f***ing gre

Utah Concert Review (USA)

May 27, 2022
May 18th was the opening night of the Red Butte Garden Outdoor Concert Series. KALEO was the band to do the honors of opening the acclaimed series.

Salt Lake Magazine (USA)

May 20, 2022
KALEO Opens Red Butte Garden Outdoor Concert Season

The Salt Lake Tribune (USA)

May 19, 2022
Kaleo opens Red Butte Garden’s season with soaring vocals

The Aquarian Weekly (USA)

April 22, 2022
Perhaps unintentionally, Kaleo raises a long-dormant question: is this a rock band or a pop band? Highly influenced by American roots music, particularly blues, the Icelandic band often sounds very much like a classic rock band from 50 years ago.

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Ink 19 (USA), QRO Magazine, Target Audience Magazine (USA), 303 Magazine (USA), Reflections of Darkness (Germany) and more

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