Frequently Asked Questions

What is LiveRate?

LiveRate is a concert review aggregator. LiveRate makes it easy for concertgoers to find out “How good are they LIVE?” so that we can all see the best concerts. The site maintains no opinion on a particular artist, what LiveRate gauges is critical consensus. Artists are touring and performing live now more than ever before, and in a world of limited time and excess choice, we all can benefit from a bit of guidance. If you want more context, click and read the full critic concert reviews.

What is a Live Rating?

A Live Rating is a score on 100 which represents “How good are they LIVE?”

It is great overview of how good an artist performs compared to the broader live music industry or other artists in their genre. A Live Rating is a trusted measurement of critic recommendation for concertgoers and music festival attendees based on the opinions of music critics.  

An artist will receive a Live Rating after we have gathered at least 4 critic reviews from 2 different publications. A Live Rating represents a weighted average of the concert reviews from professional critics given for a particular artist. Live Ratings can change with the addition of new critic reviews. 

It’s helpful and simple to get a quick sense of critical consensus. Some people, whether they are music critics or general concertgoers, will inevitably have opinions that don’t match with the Live Rating. It’s no insult to critics or to us when a concertgoer’s opinion diverges. In fact, it makes debating about live music more interesting.

What is Real Live?

Reserved for the best artists, the Real Live Certified badge constitutes a seal of approval, synonymous with consistent high quality live performances. To qualify, artists must meet the following requirements:
•          A Live Rating of at least 81%
•          At least 7 reviews from at least 2 different publications

Why aren’t there any fan or user reviews?

With the growth of online reviews, fake reviews have also increased. In addition, the level of moderation needed to monitor heaps of negative, fake, or unverified fan or user reviews has led us to concentrate on the recommendations of trusted music critics from established online publications. Critic concert reviews come from online publications that have been carefully selected by the LiveRate editorial team and we will continue to add online publications. You can submit an online publication for consideration to be included on LiveRate by emailing the publication name and website URL to

What if I found an error?

When possible, LiveRate includes short (English) excerpts of up to the most relevant 7 critic reviews. We also provide a link to the original critic review so users can access the full review. On some occasions, the critic review may come from an online publication that does not make its reviews available online without a subscription or the critic review may come from an online publication or webpage that is no longer operational. 

From time to time, there may be an error in recording correct information in our database of hundreds of thousands of critic reviews. If you do find an error, we will gladly look into it. Please email us the error details and the corresponding URL to

How can we contact you?

If you are a member of the press; or if you are an artist, live music professional, label, venue, promoter, agency; or if you are interested in advertising, licensing, or partnering with us or have general business inquiries; or if you’ve found a bug or error, please email us at

Live music is the cure for what ails ya.
Henry Rollins