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Deftones is 'Real Live Certified' and is in the top 10% of all live performers. Based on 167 concert reviews, the critic consensus is that Deftones is rated as a superb live performer, with remarkable shows that are worth watching. Deftones concert reviews describe live shows and performances as thunderous, emotional, flawless, jubilant, melodic, ethereal, and exciting.


Grant Park, Chicago, United States (August 1); Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, United States (August 17); Rock City, Nottingham, United Kingdom (August 24);

Latest Release

DAISY FORGIVE ME (June 27, 2022)

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Sacramento, United States (1988 - present) (1988 – present) (1988 Рpresent)
Deftones is an American alternative metal band from Sacramento, California, formed in 1988, consisting of Chino Moreno (lead vocals and guitar), Stephen Carpenter (guitar), Sergio Vega (bass), Frank Delgado (keyboards and turntables), and Abe Cunningham (drums and percussion).
Has Performed With
Yelawolf, Mnemic, Letlive, Karnivool, Incubus, Glassjaw, AFI, Gojira

Critic Concert Reviews

Silver Tiger Media (Australia)

December 1, 2022
Deftones at Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide 30/11/2022

Distorted Sound Magazine (UK)

July 1, 2022
Download Festival 2022

Bring The Noise (UK)

June 13, 2022
Deftones Live In Concert In the UK

Twin Cities Media (USA)

May 29, 2022
Gojira And Deftones Bring Their Massive Show To The Armory.

Chicago Concert Reviews (USA)

May 27, 2022
Huntington Bank Pavilion season starts with the sold out metallic attack of Deftones, Gojira

Aesthetic Magazine (Canada)

May 23, 2022
The band, consisting of frontman Chino Moreno, guitarist Stephen Carpenter (who was replaced by Lance Jackman on this night), drummer Abe Cunningham, turntablist/keyboardist Frank Delgado, and touring bassist Fred Sablan, are the masters of the hard/soft dynamic where they can lull you into a mesmerizingly beautiful me.

Consequence (USA)

May 17, 2022
The evening also featured a blistering set from French metal masters Gojira.

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V13 (Canada), The Waster (USA), Las Vegas Weekly (USA), (USA), Revolution Inc. (Denmark) and more

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