Primavera Sound Barcelona and Primavera Sound Madrid 2023: Who to See in This Year's Festival Lineup?

Primavera Sound Barcelona and Primavera Sound Madrid 2023 Festival Lineup Poster

LiveRate Uncovers the Five Best Real Live Certified Artists in the Primavera Sound Barcelona and Primavera Sound Madrid 2023 Music Festival Lineup.

The Primavera Sound festival is a renowned institution that draws music lovers from around the globe. With its diverse lineup spanning indie, rock, and a myriad of other genres, this three-day extravaganza promises an unforgettable experience. From the sprawling Parc El Forum (Barcelona) and Arganda Del Rey and Civitas Metropolitano in Madrid to intimate performances scattered throughout the cities, both Primavera Sound Barcelona and Madrid have become a mecca for music enthusiasts worldwide. Let's delve into the lineup and discover which Real Live Certified artists you should prioritize at this year's event.


Concert reviews describe Rosalia as a force to be reckoned with. Her live performances are a breathtaking fusion of flamenco, pop, and contemporary sounds. Prepare to be captivated by her magnetic stage presence and the raw emotion that permeates every note she sings.

Self Esteem

Self Esteem's live shows are a celebration of self-empowerment and unapologetic vulnerability. Concert reviews describe her performances as a dynamic blend of catchy hooks, honest lyrics, and infectious energy that will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.

Kendrick Lamar

Prepare for a masterclass in live hip-hop when Kendrick Lamar takes the stage. Concert reviews describe his performances as electrifying, with flawless delivery and a commanding presence. Expect an immersive experience that delves into the depths of his thought-provoking lyricism and powerful storytelling.

Christine and The Queens

Concert reviews describe Christine and The Queens' live performances as a mesmerizing display of artistry and choreography. With a magnetic stage persona and a blend of infectious pop beats and introspective lyrics, expect a show that transcends the boundaries of a typical concert, leaving you entranced.

Anderson Paak

Anderson Paak's live performances are an explosive blend of soul, funk, and hip-hop. Concert reviews describe his shows as high-energy spectacles, with Paak's charisma shining through as he effortlessly switches between rapping, singing, and showcasing his incredible drumming skills. Get ready to dance the night away to his infectious grooves.

With lineups boasting both renowned acts and emerging talents, both Primavera Sound Barcelona 2023 and Primavera Sound Madrid 2023 promise to be an unforgettable experience. The Real Live Certified artists featured in this article are just a taste of the musical delights that await festival-goers. Whether you're drawn to the magnetic performances of Rosalia or the boundary-pushing artistry of Christine and The Queens, be sure to add these must-see acts to your festival itinerary. Primavera Sound 2023 is an immersive celebration of music that should undoubtedly earn a top spot on every music lover's bucket list.